What is the ARQRAY Exhaust??

High Quality Exhaust System made in JAPAN


ARQRAY EXHAUST SYSTEM is produced in complete own company.play an active part in a factory. As fot the welding work, skilled craftsmen perform a muffler assembly operation by manual labor one by one. Further more with a pipe, the glass wool which we care about the durability notto mention performance, and it is produced and selected carefully pour power into production of each part and to maintain performance / sound quality / volume.

ARQRAY brand was able to reach the foundation 30th anniversary. We were made as Exhaust Manufacture where was specialized in an imported car. ARQRAY suggest Sport Exhaust of the high quality to all of you by original technology. Please enjoy ARQRAY Sound rising from finished Sport Exhaust by original internal structure and pipe layout

Proven technology and experienced craftsmen


ARQRAY EXHAUST SYSTEM has developed, produced and sold a high-quality exhaust system perfectly suited for each vehicle type in the company. Inside the company, craftsmen with craftsmanship have assembled handmade one by one, products finished by Tig welding are exactly art works of exhaust system. In recent years, it has received high praise from overseas as Japanese Meister, export volume has also increased. In many cases, we will carefully create it because it is a part that will disappear, we would never be loud but we would like to offer a genuine exhaust system, this is our policy of ARQRAY MOTOR SPORT.

Brand History

Year 1998
Establishment of Exhaust manufacturer ARQRAY for imported vehicles
Year 2009
It is exhibited in 2009 Special Import Car show
Year 2013
A new project start adds complete brand ARQRAY MOTOR SPORT